Anthology, Vol. 2

He Gives Us All His Love, One More Hour, The Natural, Ballad of the Three Amigos, Blue Shadows, I Love To See You Smile, 1914 Suite, Dexter’s Tune, She Chose Me, Sandman’s Coming, Happy Ending, It Was Beautiful, You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, Make Up Your Mind, I Will Go Sailing No More, […]

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Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc.

If I Didn’t Have You, Monsters, Inc., School, Walk to Work, Sulley and Mike, Randall Appears, Enter the Heroes, The Scare Floor, Oh Celia!, Boo’s Adventures in Monstropolis, Boo’s Tired, Putting Boo Back, Boo Escapes!, Celia’s Mad, Boo is a Cube, Mike’s in Trouble, The Scream Extractor, Sulley Scares Boo, Exile, Randall’s Attack, The Ride […]

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