Baltimore, Bleeding All Over The Place, Burn On, Cowboy, Davy the Fat Boy, Dixie Flyer, Feels Like Home, Gainesville, God’s Song, Guilty, I Love L.A., I Love To See You Smile, I Think It’s Going to Rain Today, I Want You to Hurt Like I Do, In Germany Before the War, It’s Money That I […]

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Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman

Box-set contents: Disc 1: The Studio Recordings Love Story (You and Me), Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad, Cowboy, The Beehive State, I Think It’s Going to Rain Today, Davy the Fat Boy, Have You Seen My Baby?, Let’s Burn Down the Cornfield, Mama Told Me Not to Come, Suzanne, Old Kentucky Home, Sail […]

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Randy Newman’s Faust

Randy Newman's Faust

Glory Train, Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, How Great Our Lord, Best Little Girl, Northern Boy, Bless The Children Of The World, Gainesville, Relax, Enjoy Yourself, Life Has Been Good To Me, Little Island, The Man, My Hero, I Gotta Be Your Man, Feels Like Home, Bleeding All Over The Place, Sandman’s Coming, Happy […]

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